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Ontario houses an ethnically diverse population, bringing with them a rich mosaic of culture, varying degrees of fluency in the two official languages, strong international ties and global business opportunities. Given the linguistic and cultural barriers, trying to communicate effectively, whether it be with the government authorities, the judicial system, your business partners, or your service clientele, can at times be quite a challenge.

Interpretation Solutions (I.S.) is committed to making life easier for you. Established in the Greater Toronto Area, I.S. specializes in multi-language interpretation services to businesses, individuals, government and service agencies. Offering both simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation services, we are committed to providing you with quality professional communication services through language.

I.S. offers both face-to-face interpretation and over-the-phone interpretation services for over 130 languages and dialects, primarily between English and non-English speaking parties. Our onsite interpretation services cover the whole of Ontario. Our telephone interpretation services are available throughout Canada and the United States. Our qualified interpreters can provide consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services for your various purposes: business, legal, medical and others. Many of them are certified interpreters and accredited with various government agencies.

We recognize that business negotiations, court hearings, medical reviews and the like are enough stress in themselves. You do not need the added stress of trying to express yourself or understand the other party(ies) in a language that you are not proficient in. With I.S. interpreters, you can rest assured that the messages will be accurately communicated back and forth, with impartiality and perfect respect for confidentiality. By following a strict process in all our interpretation assignments, we assure quality for all our customers.

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We provide professional and reliable multilingual interpretation services for personal, corporate and public communication, promoting understanding through bridging language and cultural barriers.

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Interpretation Services, Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Multi-Language Interpretation

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Interpretation Services, Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Multi-Language Interpretation

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